Business Assessment Tool

Why do so many businesses fail? For one thing, too many entrepreneurs get all their advice from people who know everything about being encouraging, and nothing about what it takes to start a successful business., a leading information site for helping new business owners develop small business plans, headquartered in San Diego, CA, has […]

5 Ways To Ensure Success

With unemployment figures hitting all time highs and credit markets tight, many individuals are taking the opportunity to follow the dream of owning their own business. Regus, a provider of office space for small business, has put together five essential tips for success in business: Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest. […]

Reigniting Your Business Engine

Like many a small business, you may have been treading water in 2009 to stay afloat, but this year, business owners may well be early investors in the economic recovery, and lead the effort to reignite America’s small business growth. The entrepreneur will be an American hero in 2010. Why? Franchises and other small businesses […]

Failure Can Breed Success

Entrepreneurs attribute their success to their experience, not to their university degrees, new research shows. The research was conducted by the Kauffman Foundation, based in New York City, the world’s largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship. More than 540 company founders participated in the survey, “The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur: Making of a Successful Entrepreneur.” The […]

Getting an SBA Loan

President Obama in his State of The Union address recently announced a proposal to give $30 billion to community banks for the purpose of using the funds for small business loans. The funds are assumed to be regulated through the Small Business Administration (SBA) but no details have yet been announced. The SBA has long […]

Secrets for Small Biz Success

SCORE, Counselors of America’s Small Business Owners, offers 10 tips for small business success in 2010: Grow your customer base. Understand your customer demographics and why they buy your products and services. Win clients over with new and diversified products. Offer multiple price points, and create packages or customizable plans which give your customers greater […]