Value & Variety Buys At ASDLV

Value & Variety Buys At ASDLV

Retailers and distributors often buy quick selling products in volume to get the best deals. Many times these buyers choose Kole Imports, Promier Products and Master Cutlery for their reliable quality, discounted prices and great profit margins.

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DoorJammer Ensures Privacy & Security

DoorJammer For Privacy & Security

The DoorJammer™ is an innovative door security device for anyone wanting increased privacy, safety and peace of mind. About the size of a smartphone and weighing only eight ounces, the portable unit is ideal for travelers, backpackers, students and seniors.

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DMA Security & Safety Products


DMA Inc. is a wholesale distributor of gun accessories, airsoft guns, knives, swords, law enforcement and tactical gear, personal security items, security cameras and closed-circuit television (CCTV) equipment. The company is continuing to expand in several categories. “We are adding to our gun accessory line and it is very strong,” says owner Rohit Oberoi, who […]

Self Defense Sells


When a police department receives an emergency call, the average response time is between nine and 13 minutes, according to the New York City Mayor’s management report. In more rural or suburban areas, this time can be even longer. Robert Lewis learned, after 35 years in law enforcement, that this amount of time can mean […]

Safely Sexy Self Defense for Women

image of safely sexy

Safely Sexy makes a prettier pepper spray, according to company founder, Rachel Walter, presently California’s Miss Capitol City.

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Phos-Chek Fire Safety


Phos-Chek long-term retardant has been well-known for over 50 years by state and federal agencies involved with environment preservation and wildfire prevention. But with the help of Firebreak Spray System, Phos-Chek will soon be a household name. Available to retailers, including hardware, home improvement and home and garden stores, Phos-Chek now ensures individual home owners […]

Self Defense Supplies


Self Defense Supply’s acute sensitivity to the general population’s needs that has led the company to the forefront of an industry that is growing daily.

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Speed Pepper Spray

Tornado Defense System

Ruger Ultra provides an answer to those concerned for their personal safety, but anxious about the use of pepper spray in panicked defense.

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Funflector Tags


If you’ve ever been driving and suddenly came upon an unseen pedestrian on a dark road, you’ll appreciate the value and benefit of funflectors, a new idea from a Scandinavian native, now making her home here in the U.S. “Reflectors on kids’ clothing is a longtime tradition where I come from,” says Elisabeth Hubbard, founder […]

Safety Tech Markets Hidden Cameras


The downturn in the economy is not necessarily a bad thing for everyone. Case in point, Safety Technology Inc., a dropship wholesaler of self defense products, hidden cameras and surveillance systems. Company founder and CEO, Mike Gravette, attributes his company’s ongoing success to the fact that, “When the economy goes south, people become concerned about […]