Squire Boone Village


Squire Boone Village has finally solved the “problem with jawbreakers” with a surprisingly simple approach: a lollipop stick. Slobber Jawbbers are the brainchild of company president and CEO Rick Conway, who carried the concept around in his head for years before finally figuring out a way to bring the perfect novelty jawbreaker to market.

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Sportula: Unique Father’s Day Gift Idea


With Father’s Day just around the corner and holiday shopping not too far down the road, many retailers are looking for distinctive new gift ideas to spark sales. With that in mind, Sportula Products has designed a line of licensed sports and enthusiast based heavy-duty stainless steel grilling tools and accessories that let men and […]

Suncloth Shields: UV Protection for Commuters


Consumers who unwittingly expose themselves to harmful sunrays while in a vehicle will delight in the Suncloth, a patented protective cloth. It began when Sheila Bryan, the product developer, noticed dark spots on her forearm, recalls Edward Bryan. It was sun damage caused by constant exposure to UVB and UVA rays while commuting to work […]

UnderPAWS: Stylish Pet Protection for Cars


UnderPAWS, from Rellim Products, is the only exterior car door protector that lets one’s best friend enjoy the travel experience without damaging doors. Made in the USA, the product’s patent pending design allows for a universal fit on most cars and trucks, and is easy to apply and remove. UnderPAWS is made of extra thick […]

Ziva Gem Launches Cover Girl Collection


Ziva Gem LLC recently launched its Cover Girl Collection, a line of top quality cubic zirconia jewelry. “Everything is assembled in the USA,” states Marc Klein, president, who has been in the cubic zirconia industry for 30 years. “We set our flawless cubic zirconia studs in every metal, including plated base metal, sterling silver and […]

Ultra Bouncing Bubble Kit


D Now Inc. is an importer of a large selection of bubble toys and bubbles, as well as novelty items and stationary. Recently, the company began distributing the brand name “Uncle Bubble,” a high quality bubble solution that can make giant, long lasting bubbles. D Now Inc.’s newest product is the Ultra Bouncing Bubble kit, […]

StacheTATS Latest Tattoo Fun


StacheTATS, temporary mustache tattoos, are the brainchild of Arthur Jaffee and Trace Adams, former University of Colorado football teammates. The duo launched StacheTATS in November of 2012 with its Jabroni series, and now creates, among others, holiday, glitter and glow in the dark, cause, flag and college “staches.” We have all sorts of colors, sizes […]

Personalized Lamps from Lamp-In-A-Box


Whether a customer is passionate about sports, music, travel or décor art, Lamp-In-A-Box creates a unique selection of lamps that will light up their lives. Lamp-In-A-Box has nearly 1,000 designs, many of which are original artwork designed by the company’s graphics team. It also has licensed products, such as Coca Cola, the Beatles, Ford Motor […]

Q-T Intimates: Stylish Intimate Apparel


Style is important, whether it is in ready-to-wear or intimate apparel, says Meryl Kutzin, VP of Merchandising and Production at Q-T Intimates. “In fall and holiday 2013, as well as in spring 2014, the customer will find that satin fabrics and deep, saturated colors are essentials for intimate apparel. The neon colors may be stepping back […]

The Anatomy of the Perfect Email Newsletter


By Jessica Moretti Consumers are under a constant barrage of advertisements and promotions, making it increasingly difficult to capture their attention. In a world full of noise, a good way to stand out from the crowd is to send a message that isn’t focused on selling, but instead works to nurture the relationship with your […]