Hand-Embroidered Products by AJ Leather

AJ Leather

You can almost feel the amount of work the maker put into each stitch. This is what makes all the products at AJ Leather one-of-a-kind.

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Hot Trends in Jewelry, Handbags & Cell Phone Cases


Options abound this season for indie retailers to profit from fashion accessories. Whether you are looking for the trendiest hip-hop crosses and pendants, reflective or name drop bracelets, royal themed bags or wallet-like cell phone cases, there is something for everyone in today’s trending styles.

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Tuscan Leather Bracelets

image of leather bracelets mens womens my shopping tree

“These bracelets are all the rage now in Europe, and they’re unlike anything else anyone has in North America,” says owner Shannon Albert.

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World's Thinnest Wallet

Thinnest Wallet

The World’s Thinnest Wallet by ALL – ETT features wallets that stay thin when fully loaded, so pants hang straight and the wallets are comfortable to sit on. But, you may ask, what is the secret of a wallet that stays thin, even when crammed to the gills with stuff? According to the company, the […]

Cowboy Up with Authentic Western Products

Cowboy Hat

Looking to add some country/western flavor to your product lineup? J.R. Palacios Enterprises has you covered.

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