Retail Going Green

swimsuit by ColieCo

Like a dog drawn to a bone, millennials are drawn to anything with a “go green” initiative.

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5 Tips to Help Retailers Go Green Earth Day and Everyday

earth day

Earth Day is the perfect time for everyone to stop and think about how they can help “go green,” even if for just a day. Maybe you don’t print as much paper, or you carry around a reusable water bottle instead of wasting plastic. There are so many ways to make a difference, but why […]

The Value Of Selling American Handmade

The Value Of Selling American Handmade

Buying and selling American handmade items can make your retail business stronger, and expand your customer base. Drawing new people into your store becomes easier when carrying exclusive and unusual products that customers can’t find elsewhere.

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Selling Green

Shopping green for spring

With spring in full swing, green is on everyone’s mind, and not just because of the budding landscape. Coming off tax season, individuals and businesses alike are looking into green improvements and practices to add to their list of deductions for 2012 taxes.

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Bye Bye Bags, No More Paper or Plastic

Green Movement

The national movement to go Green has spread, and independent retailers are now supporting ‘bring your own bag’ (BYOB) initiatives.

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Efficiency Upgrades Could Provide a Competitive Edge

Green Initiatives

Many big box retail and chain stores have made it a habit to invest in Green activities and materials, why not you?

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Strategic Sustainability Wins UK Grocer Indie Retail Award

Grocer's Independent Retail Award

It’s every store for itself in this economy, and sustainability is something earned through strategic thinking and innovative investments.

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Retailers Looking to Provide Paperless Receipts

Paper Receipt

Investment in paperless receipt services speaks highly of your environmentally conscious business.

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Updating Your Business Model: Remember Green Work Takes Teamwork

Independent Retailers Recycle

Independent retailers partake in the green movement to better position themselves in a competitive market.

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Fair Trade Is Green

Green Earrings

It’s no secret that “green” is red hot. You’ve surely noticed the marketing campaigns and retail trends that appeal to consumers’ eco-conscience, and small businesses can’t afford to ignore the profit possibilities. Here’s something else you already know: the big boys have cornered the discount goods market. There’s no way to top the buying power […]