Email Marketing Campaigns that Get Results

Sumner Communications Properties

Our marketing team has over 10 years experience producing email marketing campaigns that get results.

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We work closely with you to create an effective and professional campaign. This collaboration and your active participation is essential to the success of your campaign. It is a good idea to become familiar with the principles outlined here before completing the short form below, so we can assess the potential of your campaign.

    This must be a measurable and specific goal for your campaign.
    “I want sign-ups for my newsletter” or “I want more new accounts” are valid objectives. They can be accomplished with an effective email campaign and the results can be measured. “I want more sales” is too vague and cannot always be tracked.
  2. The OFFER
    The best offers include a big additional benefit to your customer, such as a large discount or special package deal. There should be a time limit and offer an advantage for acting now. You can also mention the reason for your offer — Seasons are changing and you need to clear out last season’s merchandise or you are introducing new products.
  3. The EMAIL
    Your email will clearly present your Offer. It will be attractive and responsive — displaying well on all devices. And it will include a clear call to action. We will carefully time your email campaign to deliver the best results.
    If you do not have a suitable landing page, we will build one to match the offer presented in your email. Your potential new customer will reach an attractive page that includes your offer and presents a clear call to action designed to convert the prospect into a new customer.
  5. The LIST
    We have a large list of active wholesale buyers. We will help you select the best fit for your offer based on criteria such as store type and location.

When we receive your completed form, we will follow up with you to plan your campaign in more detail. If you have questions or need to talk about our email campaigns, please call 1-800-999-8281 ext 119.