Bargain Hunting Holidays


This was the holiday of the serious bargain hunter, according to several studies, including the Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey.

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Kiosks Aim Higher

While many kiosk and cart vendors succeed by carrying only affordable items that consumers will buy on impulse on the spot, others focus on lines of products that start at about the $10 retail range and reach to higher price points. Conventional wisdom has long favored the former approach. However, here are two companies with […]

Shoppers Like Rewards


Looking to squeeze every available benefit from every purchase, shoppers are turning more than ever to loyalty programs to stretch their budgets.

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Valuing Customer Retention

When asked which measurement of customer data was the most valuable, the largest group of retailers, 86 percent, cited customer retention in a recent survey.

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Marketing Trends for 2010

Crystal ball

Researchers have predictive metrics that can identify and measure future consumer trends with uncanny accuracy.

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Conserving for Profit


Conserving natural resources has become essential for a competitive economy in the 21st century. The economy and environment go hand-in-hand.

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What Makes Web Retail Tick

Calling ecommerce, “The bright side of retail,” during her keynote address at the 2009 Annual Summit, Sucharita Mulpuru of Forrester Research spelled out six things online retailers have done right. “How is it that web retailers have managed to outperform so many other sectors?” she asked. “The easy answer is that they have lower […]

Convenience Gains On Price

Many consumers are again opting to save time in lieu of money, according to, “The Checkout,” a new study from marketing firms, The Integer Group and M/A/R/C. The research found that by mid year, 28 percent of shoppers describe themselves as, “preferring to spend more if it saves them time.” This compares with just 23 […]

Kiosks Spread Fun

MiniMelts Frozen Ice Cream

Fun always attracts attention, especially if the source is something novel. Two kiosk and cart suppliers offer products that provide an opportunity to capitalize on tickling the funny bone and delighting with irresistible flavors. Mini Melts, which migrated from abroad to its base in Norwich, CT, provides a new and novel way of selling ice […]

Lifestage Predicts Web Shoppers

Income and age, often seen as predictors of how people utilize the Internet for shopping, may not be the best indicators of online shopping behavior.

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