Donna Sharp Inc.: Quilts with Quality

Donna Sharp

Donna Sharp built her quilting business the old-fashioned way: from the ground up. In the 1980′s, she was a hobby quilter who produced designs that people responded to.

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Olympia Gold, Inc. Shines

Olympia Gold

Now is a good time to be in the gold business, according to Skip Wilson, CEO of Olympia Gold, Inc. Olympia Gold specializes in wholesale jewelry and costume jewelry, as well as chains-by-the-inch in layered gold and layered silver.

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Sun Fashion Designs Staying on Trend

Sun Fashion Designs

Heather Zinkl, sales manager at Sun Fashion Designs, knows a good thing when she sees it—and for Sun Fashion that means stainless steel jewelry.

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Licensed Linens and Textiles

Silicon Valley Textiles

When it comes to hot selling linens, it is all about licensing. According to Sunny Singh, vice president of sales and marketing for Silicon Valley Textiles, Inc…

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Wilcor: The Outdoor Specialist


Heading into the summer sales season, Wilcor is focusing on the fun and helping retailers dramatically increase sales in the process.

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Teeda Offers Tips for Selling Jewelry

AJT - Teeda

Jack Teja, manager of Teeda, knows how retailers can sell more jewelry

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Miami Wholesale Show Attracts a Crowd

Miami Wholesale Show

For the last half a year, representatives of the Miami Wholesale Show have logged a mind-boggling number of miles, according to company President Michael Finocchiaro.

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Safari Ltd. Starting the Year Off Right

Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd. is excited for the summer season for many good reasons.

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JB Outman Distributing for All Outdoor Needs

JB Outman Distributing

For the last 14 years, JB Outman Distributing has been a suppler of premium cutlery and outdoor gear to the wholesale market.

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Eros Wholesale Strives for Excellence

Eros Hosiery

Eros Wholesale has a simple philosophy for success: “Customer service. Customer service. Customer service.”

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