Fashion Jewelry from Golden Stella Closeout

Golden StellaGolden Stella Inc. has been a leading jewelry wholesaler since 1986. They are the largest fashion jewelry wholesaler in the southeastern United States with a 15,000 square foot showroom at AmericasMart® in Atlanta. Andy Eun of Golden Stella says, “Our name and reputation has been solidified as we have always sought to provide the highest quality products and ahead of the curve trends at prices that are affordable.” Due to high demand, Golden Stella also has a closeout division. “Many of our retailers sought out our products that were no longer in regular inventory, and as we update our showroom on a daily basis, we move a lot of still trending items to prepare for the next season,” explains Andy.

This season, “the major trends we are seeing are both acrylic based and seed-beaded based jewelry,” says Andy. “Both of these trends make complete sense as we are in the summer season and people are looking for colorful and lightweight jewelry that they can wear at anytime.” Anything that has seed beads and wood beads are very popular right now. Andy explains, “As a closeout supplier we provide most of our products towards the end of the selling season. This allows us to slash prices but still provide our products that are still trending.”

Golden Stella Closeout started offering Closeout Bundles at the beginning of this year and “they have been flying off the shelves.” The bundles are categorized by style and trend. Andy says, “The lots are designed to allow our clients to easily generate 5x their investment. The feedback has been fantastic as the lots have provided incredible deals for our clients all across the United States.” Visit to view closeout products and bundles.