Don’t Forget About Dad! Father’s Day Gifts Galore

Father’s DayBy Molly Nichols

Last month we wrote an article sharing ideas for Mother’s Day gifts and marketing, but we can’t forget about dad! Father’s Day is coming up on June 17, 2018 and it is a lucrative day for retailers. In 2017, the National Retail Foundation reported that Father’s Day spending reached a record high of $15.5 billion. That means that the average spending per person on the holiday is $125.00 and over 75% of Americans celebrate Father’s Day! Capitalize on the special day with a few of these marketing ideas.

Heartfelt Messages

Advertising campaigns, whether through social media, e-mail, in-store signage, or anything else you plan, should come from the heart. Messages that focus on the special bond that children share with their fathers will strike a cord and get consumers to remember your business and shop with you. You can easily create short videos or stunning pictures by using your own family and friends to capture special moments between kids and their dads that can then be shared with your customers.

Social Media Contest

Out of the total $15.5 billion spent on Father’s Day last year, $3.3 billion was spent on a special outing. This was the largest category of planned spending for Father’s Day. Kids like to take their dads out to ball games, meals, and other fun activities. Offer a gift card, tickets, or special event package through a social media contest. Offering a fun event will intrigue shoppers and using social media to host the competition will get your name out to more people.

Host a Block Party

Collaborate with neighboring small businesses to host a Father’s Day block party for your local community dads. Make sure there are plenty of grills for dads to barbecue and fun activities planned for the kids. You will also want to promote the event in any way you can and work with your fellow small business owners to invite more families. Since so many people normally spend money on special outings for Father’s Day, hosting a block party is a great idea. Families are already looking for things to do and by providing the event you eliminate their worries of trying to plan something.

Bonus Gifts and Gift Guides

It can be hard to figure out what to buy for a dad. Ease your customers’ stress by offering gift guides and sending out e-mails and social media posts highlighting the products you do have that would make perfect presents for dad. Gift cards are also a common item of purchase with $2.2 billion spent on them last year. Offer a small gift that dads would love as an incentive for buying a gift card to your store. Adding in little extras and reminding customers that what you carry makes for good Father’s Day presents is a great way to make extra sales for Father’s Day.