In-Demand Spring Décor from QMT Windchimes®

QMTSpring has officially sprung and shoppers nationwide are ready to shed the winter blues. Spending more time outdoors is top of mind for many people. Wind chimes are popular products for creating an at-home oasis. Luke Croushorn, customer success manager at QMT Windchimes® says, “People have been indoors keeping warm, now is the time they are going to go out on the porch and enjoy outdoors.” He continues, “shoppers are dressing up their patios and looking for items like wind chimes to make their environment more comfortable.”

QMT Windchimes® is the only manufacturer to offer traditional and contemporary chimes that are all made in the United States. “We are the largest domestic manufacturers of wind chimes, and offer the widest selection of colors and styles,” says Luke. All chimes are made right in Manassas Park, Virginia, out of the highest quality materials, which are all sourced from American manufacturers. Everything from the raw material to the finished product is made in the USA.

QMT’s newest line is Lakeshore Melodies, which started shipping out to stores just this February. “Lakeshore Melodies uses upgraded centrally pinned pipes and a thick aluminum tube,” says Luke, “which are typically only used in all-metal chimes.” The Lakeshore Melodies line blends high quality sounds with a wood grain aesthetic that is popular for outdoors. Overall, these chimes offer a traditional wooden look with contemporary sounds at a lower price point.

QMT’s best-selling line is their flagship chime, Corinthian Bells. Corinthian Bells first debuted over 10 years ago and has been a steady best seller ever since. This line “has a nice classic dome top and is powder coated in specially selected colors. It is a dependable chime that will last, and our customers appreciate the durability,” says Luke.

Arabesque is another one of QMT’s most popular product lines. “We took the Corinthian Bells template in terms of the materials and sound, and then dressed it up with a little finesse,” says Luke. The Arabesque line has engraved rings, decorative elements, and texturized, glossy finishes.

Though wind chimes are extra popular during the spring season, they do sell well year round. “They make great gifts,” says Luke, “and it is not uncommon for people to buy one for themselves, and then come back to purchase additional wind chimes as gifts.” With QMT’s many different lines, there is a chime to suit every style.

For an eye-catching wind chime display, Luke recommends hanging a sample chime near the doorway or in an outdoor display area to catch the natural breeze. Have the larger display slightly inside. QMT offers floor fixtures in several sizes to fit every retail space. Contact QMT Windchimes® to get your retail store spring-ready.