Make Your Store All About Mom

Mother's DayMother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13th this year. In 2018, an estimated total of $21.4 billion will be spent on Mother’s Day in the United States. Make your business all about mom and take advantage of the third highest-grossing seasonal event in the US. Use these strategies to show your appreciation for mothers everywhere and boost sales.

Online Marketing

There are multiple ways you can use the internet, your website, and online communication to spread awareness of your business for Mother’s Day. Make sure you conduct e-mail marketing campaigns around the holiday. Offer coupons for mothers, and for children, in order to get double the amount of customers. Also use social media to post about special products for the holiday as well as sharing fond memories and photos of you and your mother, you and your family, or any special mom in your life that you want to shine a light on. It is also important to update your website for the holiday. By utilizing your online resources you will reach a bigger audience and have access to more shoppers.

Customer Generated Content

One of the best ways to show recognition and support for moms, and to encourage your shoppers to keep coming back to your store, is to build connections and engage shoppers. If someone purchases a Mother’s Day present, ask him or her about their mom and them write a cute note about why they love their mom on a paper heart. Hang the paper hearts from the ceiling and tape them up on the walls and windows. This will add to your decoration and help build relationships with your customers. Connect with patrons by swapping mom stories and then making sure their voices are heard through decoration and social media posts.

Customer Appreciation

There are many ways your can show appreciation for your customers, too. There are the basics, such as offering all moms a special discount in your store or online, complimentary gift-wrapping, and then there are more creative ways to show your gratitude. Host a mom-focused event. You can have an event where all moms are welcome and you’ll be serving wine along with a fun craft or shopping experience. Another option is hosting an event for kids to attend. Plan a craft that can be completed by young kids and their dad as well as older children. The mix of ages will bring a wide audience into your store and be useful in getting you to meet new people and gain customers.  Whatever you plan to do, whether it is big or small, make sure it displays your thanks and love for your shoppers and mothers everywhere.

Make your store all about mom this May! It is an important holiday that can’t be forgotten. From online to in-store make sure you are a resource for kids looking to buy a present, and celebrate your mom shoppers, too!