Always a Step Ahead is a membership-based wholesale supply and drop-ship company specializing in natural and organic products. Irina Faybusovich, one of the founders of, explains how the company has become a multimillion-dollar business in such a short period of time, as well as some of the problems solves for retailers. “I started out drop-shipping products over five years ago just like our members are doing right now. It was very challenging at first since suppliers were unfamiliar with ecommerce and online marketplaces. Specifically, they didn’t understand the importance of updating their inventory and keeping their retailers informed of any changes. Almost all of the orders I placed back then were on back-order for at least several weeks with the supplier. It was awful. They just didn’t get how important it was to have products in stock and shipped out on time when it comes to online retailing.” After devoting a lot of time, energy, and money into the natural product category and developing better relationships with suppliers, “We were able to wholesale our products,” says Irina.

Today, has developed into a full-fledged “membership-based drop-ship program where members are able to get access to data and discounted wholesale pricing for the low annual fee of $149,” says Irina. “The program offers data feeds in all of the popular formats including Shopify® and WooCommerce®. Many Shopify® users have experienced the backlash of drop shipping from China where it could take over three weeks to have a package delivered. Aside from that, the competition is saturated,” explains Irina. “Users want to switch but have a hard time doing that. By offering a Shopify® formatted feed, we’re able to help make the process more streamlined.” also stands out by offering frozen products. “I’m very proud that we’re able to offer that! Frozen is not the type of category someone can easily get into,” explains Irina. “We have built a proprietary process to be able to ship frozen packages cost-effectively and keep it stable in transit for three days. Aside from that, we’re able to ship out chocolate in the peak of summer. We went through many tests and finally came up with a way to avoid having it melt in extreme conditions while keeping shipping rates cost effective. We also handle a lot of glass shipments. Most fulfillment centers would not even touch any of these kinds of products.”

Allen Kaplun, co-founder of says his entire team is dedicated to solving these kinds of complex problems for their customers. “Our manager and head of client acquisitions and support, Alex Fritz, is based out of Denton, Texas and is working with local independent retailers and foodservice establishments,” says Allen. “Alex shows these establishments how to increase their profit margins and efficiencies by taking advantage of our local presence and ability to pass down savings. With one store in particular, Alex was able to reduce their inventory costs by at least 25%, provide faster delivery times, and offer more products than the store’s space can allow. The client is really happy and is often able to get delivery by the very next day.” hopes to grow their membership both domestically and abroad. “Over the years we’ve grown from operating out of a one bedroom apartment to a full warehouse in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas,” says Allen. Soon, they will also be opening an additional location in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, “To better serve the Northeast,” continues Allen. “As we grow, we hope to continue to innovate exciting ways to serve our members.”