Rada Cutlery: An American Made Tradition

RadaSince 1948, Rada Cutlery has supplied over 150 million pieces of Made in the U.S.A. cutlery and kitchen supplies. They offer everything from individual knives, cooking utensils, stoneware, gift sets, cookbooks, and quick mixes. From the beginning, Rada Cutlery has taken great pride in offering the highest quality product for the best value. Each product is constructed with American raw materials in the United States and the cutlery has an automatic lifetime guarantee for the consumer. 

Dan Kielman, VP of marketing and sales for Rada, explains that most people know their products as “the knife grandma used to use. Our reputation and tradition makes selling our products easy.” Rada Cutlery does not partner with any box or chain stores, meaning shoppers can only find these products through independent retailers or the Rada Cutlery online store. “It’s very important to us to work with independent sellers,” says Kielman. “It’s a great way for independents to offer a recognizable and in-demand brand.”

For retailers, Kielman recommends starting with the individual knives and utensils. “They are our strongest sellers. The paring knife and ice cream scoop are strong staples. The steak knives are also really popular. But if I had to highlight one item, it would be our tomato slicer. It is our second-best seller and our most talked about knife. People really love it”. In addition to cutlery, quick mixes are also top sellers. “They’re an easy way to create something out of the ordinary,” explains Kielman. “The chipotle dip is fabulous, the burger and fry seasoning is really well-liked, and overall our soups are very popular.” Starter gift sets are also a strong option. They come with seven of Rada Cutlery’s best selling knives including the paring knife, tomato slicer, vegetable peeler, super parer, bread knife, and slicer.Rada

In addition to carrying quality products, Rada is an easy option because their entire wholesale business is geared towards working with independent sellers. “We make it very easy to get started,” says Kielman.” Orders have a low $75 minimum and generally ship within two working days. There are also several display options and merchandising solutions available. Rada offers annual volume discounts starting at $1,000. “Most of our customers are earning a discount by their second year,” says Kielman. “Once someone starts with us, they sell our products for years.”

For more information, visit radacutlery.com/independent-sales