Security, Self Defense & More From Safety Technology

Security, Self Defense & More From Safety TechnologySafety Technology wants to make security easy. The 28 year-old company describes itself as a, “drop-ship wholesaler of non-lethal self-defense products, hidden cameras, and surveillance systems.” The product lineup includes popular stun guns, pepper spray, custom-made hidden camera units, and security systems ranging from single camera systems to more complex multi-camera systems with DVRs.

“We sell to retailers who do flea markets, gun shows, women’s shows, online sellers, and anybody with a home security line,” says company owner Michael Gravette. “We also sell to people who run fundraisers and have home shows.” Safety Technology is distinguished by the breadth of its product line. The company has hundreds of products, including popular lines of stun guns and pepper sprays. The stun gun line includes “runt” stun guns, cell phone stun guns, stun batons and others. The pepper spray line includes a full array of sprays and accessories, including holsters, key guards and pepper guns.

“When I started this business 28 years ago, no one knew what a stun gun was,” Gravette remembers. While these products are more popular, the company also has a  comprehensive line of security cameras and hidden cameras. According to Gravette, Safety Technology formulates many of its own hidden camera devices. The line includes cameras disguised as boom boxes, mirrors, motion detectors, speakers, and other common household items.

Security, Self Defense & More From Safety TechnologyIn the surveillance line, Gravette says the technology has now improved to the point that serious, professional quality equipment is now within the reach of the average consumer, making it possible for retailers without specialized knowledge to offer a line of surveillance equipment. “Most of these products are very simple to install,” he advises. “We have cameras now where everything is built in. It used to be that you had to plug it in to your computer and have a separate DVR or VCR. Now they have internal DVRs that can record, and all you have to do is pop out the SD card and play it on your home computer.”

Ordering & pricing

One thing that sets Safety Technology apart is its sharp focus on dealer success. The company has taken great care to develop a program that makes it easy for dealers to launch a successful self-defense business. This includes displays, retail starter kits and comprehensive dealer support. “We have our own brand and warranties,” Gravette reports. “If someone has an issue with one of our products, they can call the retailer and the retailer can call us. We’ll take care of it so our retailers won’t have to worry. We also have a camera tech line, so dealers have tech support for our products.”

Safety Technology has a four-tiered wholesale pricing system. Once a retailer opens a wholesale account, they begin to accumulate a lifetime order total. As the total rises, the wholesale pricing drops, and it never goes back up, no matter how small or large an order. The margins on Safety Technology products range from 60 to 70 percent and up, depending on the item. For some of the lower priced products, it’s much higher.

Safety Technology
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