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Squire Boone VillageSquire Boone Village has finally solved the “problem with jawbreakers” with a surprisingly simple approach: a lollipop stick. Slobber Jawbbers are the brainchild of company president and CEO Rick Conway, who carried the concept around in his head for years before finally figuring out a way to bring the perfect novelty jawbreaker to market.

“We have a strong business in rock crystal candy, so I’m always trying to dream up new candies that kids would like to have fun with,” he explains. “I remember loving to eat jawbreakers when I was a kid and watching the colors change. But I would get to a point when the colors would change but the flavor would stay the same. And jawbreakers were messy, with kids wiping their hands on their clothes and getting it all over their faces. Slobber Jawbbers solve both problems.” Sold on sticks just like regular lollipops, each jawbreaker has a bubble gum core. As the jawbreaker changes colors eight times, there is also a new flavor with each layer.

Limitless market

Squire BooneEarly reception to the Slobber Jawbbers has been excellent, Conway says. “Squire Boone has a strong core business in souvenirs and resort markets, so we introduced the Slobber Jawbbers at a souvenir trade show in Pigeon Forge. They broke all the records. Buyers loved them, and I was ecstatic. We have already started receiving re-orders from those first customers.”

Now Squire Boone is preparing to launch Slobber Jawbbers at a candy tradeshow, but Conway sees an almost limitless market for the unique jawbreakers. Sold in self-merchandising display boxes of 12, they are perfect for any retailer with a counter that sells candies, collectibles, or groceries. They can be sold in greeting card shops, party and drug stores, and even bookstores.

Tongue Lash bubble gum

Squire BooneJawbreakers are not the only new Squire Boone product attracting attention. The company is also introducing a line of Tongue Lash bubble gum. It was designed with kids in mind: they turn your tongue colors (black, red, blue, purple, or green), come in five flavors and are filled with sour goo. Each gumball is printed with a phrase a kid might say after his or her tongue changes color, including “I ate a bug,” and “I don’t feel so good.” Tongue Lash bubble gum comes in a colorful and branded 90-count tin paint can that makes a perfect point-of-sale display.

Buying details

Slobber Jawbbers are available in two sizes: the 1.75″ regular size and a Monster Slobber Jawbber clocking in at 2.25″ in diameter. All Slobber Jawbbers come in self-merchandising display boxes of 12 jawbreakers with the product name and logo. The company also offers permanent displays, including a 5-foot-tall wooden display tree and counter displays. Squire Boone’s products are available wholesale through the company’s website, or by phone or email. The company has a comprehensive line of souvenir products, candies, and collectibles. Wholesale pricing is available to registered retailers. Online registration is simple and fast. The company requires a minimum wholesale order of $300. Slobber Jawbbers’ suggested retail price is $1.99 for the regular size and $3.49 for the monster size, guaranteeing at least a 50 percent gross margin on each lollipop sold.

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