Safety Technology’s Self Defense Sprays Are Fast Sellers

Self defense spraysSales of self defense sprays always rise after a local crime wave, but Mike Gravette, owner of Safety Technology Co., wanted to get his self defense spray products moving on a steadier basis. “There have always been counter displays for these products, so what we did was redo our displays so they’re more eye catching,” he says. “We’ve redone them so they arrive ready to set up for the distributor, all at no extra cost,” he adds. His efforts are paying off, as Gravette says the sprays are now his best selling products.

Self defense sprays come in three different strengths, peppershot, mace and wildfire, packed in distinctive displays of 12 packs. Wholesale pricing varies, depending on the quantity ordered. For example, for the 10 percent pepper spray canisters, one to four boxes wholesales for $33.60 a box, or $2.80 per unit. If a retailer orders nine or more, the price drops to $26.40 a box, or $2.20 per unit. The MSRP of the sprays is $10 and up, depending on the strength. “We used to sell these only in gun stores, pawn shops or hardware stores,” Gravette says, “ but we found a whole new market in hair, nail and beauty salons. Retailers put the display box by the register and the sprays just sell themselves,” he notes. For storeowners who have never carried such items, Safety Technology has a number of startup packages available, featuring some best selling items at discounted prices. “Whatever they need, we can put together for them,” Gravette says. “We have no minimum order size.”

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