Safety Tech Markets Hidden Cameras

The downturn in the economy is not necessarily a bad thing for everyone. Case in point, Safety Technology Inc., a dropship wholesaler of self defense products, hidden cameras and surveillance systems. Company founder and CEO, Mike Gravette, attributes his company’s ongoing success to the fact that, “When the economy goes south, people become concerned about their safety.” To that end, Gravette has found a niche area of his business that is exploding, and offers a big opportunity for retailers. Asked about his top sellers these days, Gravette was quick to name, “stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms,” available at But he’s also finding growing success in hidden cameras, especially with the line he carries that comes with its own DVR system. “For years in the past, hidden cameras had always required a separate recorder, monitor, or DVR for later viewing,” he says. “But now they come with built-in DVRs, which makes it much easier for the end user to just set it up, point it and turn it on.”

Gravette’s been in business since 1986. Prior to starting Safety Technology, he was in the military with top security clearances, so he knows a thing or two about personal safety and security. And his line of personal and surveillance cameras reflect that. He carries a number of unique security cameras that are built into everyday items such as clocks, smoke detectors, thermostats, cordless phones, baby monitors and more. They can be seen at The camera is set up wherever the user needs to have discreet surveillance, and is then turned on and left to do its job. The camera can run for an extended time, giving the user an added sense of security. According to Gravette’s website, “Most battery packs can only supply power for up to five hours. Then you have to throw that pack away and get a new one. But our 12 volt battery pack lasts up to a whopping 12 hours, and it’s rechargeable.” That means longer surveillance for a more complete picture.
Safety Technology also reports its retailers are experiencing strong sales through their “rent to try” programs. “Consumers rent the hidden cameras on a trial basis from the retailer, and are so pleased with the results that they come back to purchase the item outright,” Gravette says. The company provides informational posters and preprinted rental agreements for retailers to provide to interested consumers.

Gravette also notes sellers are surprised at the reaction they’re getting at flea markets and swap meets, not traditionally a hotbed of activity for a high-end item. They set up the hidden camera with a monitor right there at their booth, browsers see themselves on the monitor, and then try to figure out where the camera is hidden. It helps open a dialogue, which many times leads to a sale. Retail prices for the hidden cameras range from around $150 to $500. The wholesale price is 40 percent of the retail price. Best of all, there’s no minimum order, and Gravette will dropship your order directly to the consumer.

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